YEG Natural FaceLift


What do you get from just one treatment of Microcurrent Facial??

  • More defined Jawline
  • More defined cheekbones
  • Younger looking skin
  • Smooth skin
  • Tightened and toned skin
  • Tightened pores
  • Refreshed looking eyes
  • Improved dark under eye circles
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Reduced skin discolouration
  • Slimmer face

Like taking your face, to the gym!

Get Ready For The Next Version Of You!
She’s Coming!! 

Yeg Natural Facelift Information

Meridian Balancing


Meridian Balancing; what’s that?

Meridians are like our body’s highways. If a meridian point is blocked, our bodies will not function optimally.

Why do I need to know this, you ask? Well, as part of your Microcurrent treatment, I clear your meridians for you so that you may notice improvement in the following areas:

* calms you down

* lessens migraines

* lowers high blood pressure

* better sleep
* improves concentration

* feeling less frustrated

* feeling less angry
* tissues heal faster
* supports your eye health

* balances hormones

* reduces under eye bags

* improves energy
* balances the body
* balances thymus gland

* balances thyroid gland

* balances pineal gland
* balances the liver
* balances the gall bladder
* balances the kidneys
* balances the lungs
* balances the adrenals

* regular bowel movements


Meridian Balancing

Natural Facelift! 

Natural FaceLift Microcurrent treatments are non-invasive, safe, uplifting, empowering, and Gets Your Glow On! Why?!?! Well, because it brings your collagen right to your skin’s surface, which makes you literally “POP!” Like when you put a new coat of paint on your walls and finish the trim  and stand back and admire the results! IT’S THAT NOTICEABLE!! And that’s why I’m so excited about it!! + It’s ALL NATURAL!!

YEG Natural FaceLift Microcurrent = The Lift You Can’t Resist!! ??

What is a visit with Druh like?

I greet you at the door in my white YEG Natural FaceLift scrub, and offer you

a glass of cold cucumber ? water with a splash of ? lemon.

You hear the soothing fountain and soft music playing.

You wash your face with great smelling face wash.

Then I balance your meridians in your ears ? , body, and feet ? 

You lay down on my table, and I do the deep tissue repair, shorten and

stretch your facial muscles as needed,  and soften lines and wrinkles. 


Halfway through the session when I’ve treated half your face,

I will ask you to go have a look in the mirror so you can see the almost

instantaneous difference!

I finish with a gentle facial massage with incredible smelling face cream,

and your choice of either a foot or hand massage.

My goal is to have you feeling like a Princess ?

YEG Natural FaceLift
Druh Jaxen
Microcurrent Technician 
Calmar, AB

Please contact Druh at 780-216-1280 or

To book your session

please E-transfer $147.00

to the email above to

confirm your appointment. 

Druh has been an Enthusiastic Energy Seeker and Healer since 2002. She is addicted to glowing beauty and youthful spirit. She is a technician of the Amazing Yeg Microcurrent Natural Facelift.

Natural Face Lift Session

1st Session of the Natural Facelift!
1st Session of the Natural Facelift!
2nd Session of the Natural Facelift!
2nd Session of the Natural Facelift!
How long does it take for the session? About an hour.
3rd Session of the Natural Facelift!
3rd Session of the Natural Facelift!
5th Session of the Natural Facelift!
5th Session of the Natural Facelift!

Does it hurt or feel uncomfortable?

It’s actually quite relaxing as you feel the microcurrent working its magic on your face.

7th Session of the Natural Facelift which included getting my neck done!
7th Session of the Natural Facelift which included getting my neck done!

Microcurrent Treatments are $147.

Call or Text Druh Jaxen at 780-216-1280 to confirm your appointment.

Treatments will be done in the town of Calmar, which is close to the Edmonton International Airport (YEG).