Healing Sessions

I had a Theta Healing Session and WOW it was truly amazing.  I had no idea that I was blocked in my life and in my spiritualism.

First Druh worked on all Negative Spirit Attachments.  I could feel them being released throughout my body.

Then Druh worked on several other blockages from this lifetime and other lifetimes.  I felt that through my entire body and through the top of my head. 

I also mentioned to Druh that I felt blocked from my spirit guides since last year, so she worked on that as well.  As soon as she was done, I could sense and feel my spirit guides once again.  This makes me so very happy because I have been working with my guides and angels for years but last year something happened to me and I just couldn’t hear my guides.  I definitely feel them now.

After she had completed my Theta Healing session she had to call me back.  My Angels were basically screaming at Druh to tell her that I needed my DNA worked on.  So Druh called me back and she ran the energy for that.  When she was working on me, my left eye started to water.  I also felt my throat being worked on and tingling in my right hand.  It was so fascinating as the energy worked through me.  I could really feel it working.  I also had many visuals during the DNA Activation.

With all the big shifts in the energy recently, I guess I really needed a tuneup and boost ?

I am so very grateful for this healing.?   It has opened me up once again to tap into my spiritualism  and I feel 100% renewed in all areas of my life.

It feels so good to be clear and full of light once again. ?

Thank you Druh!  This healing truly brought me back to life.

Love Colleen ?