Meridian Balancing Session


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Meridian Balancing; what’s that?

Meridians are like our body’s highways. If a meridian point is blocked, our bodies will not function optimally.

Why do I need to know this, you ask? Well, as part of your Microcurrent treatment, I clear your meridians for you so that you may notice improvement in the following areas:

* calms you down

* lessens migraines

* lowers high blood pressure

* better sleep
* improves concentration

* feeling less frustrated

* feeling less angry
* tissues heal faster
* supports your eye health

* balances hormones

* reduces under eye bags

* improves energy
* balances the body
* balances thymus gland

* balances thyroid gland

* balances pineal gland
* balances the liver
* balances the gall bladder
* balances the kidneys
* balances the lungs
* balances the adrenals

* regular bowel movements


I’d be happy to do a standalone Meridian Balancing for you, since the results are so very beneficial for you. If you’d like to have one done, please e-transfer $50 to Call Druh at 780-216-1280 to book the time and date.