Quick Pulse Session


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The Quick Pulse is a wonderful technique where you get to think of one thing at a time that gets in your way, that limits you, that’s hard for you, that’s difficult for you. And I turn on The Quick Pulse, and what it does is peel off the layers that stand in your way, and open you up to new possibilities of ways of thinking and being. You will “feel” the Pulse as we flow the energy through you. It’s a neat experience. In 2010, I went to Ventura, California, and took Jo Dunning’s Quick Pulse. Incredible Energy!!

A Quick Pulse session is $125 and lasts about 90 minutes. The Quick Pulse can be done by phone or in person – depending on client preference. Please e-transfer $125.00 to druhjaxen@outlook.com to book your session. Call Druh at 780-216-1280 to book the time and date of your session.