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Spiritual House Clearing

 What is Spiritual House Clearing, and how can it help me?

 Spiritual House Clearing is where I go in with my “virtual broom” and “sweep out” all the cobwebs and dirt, dust, and grime which no longer serves you. By dirt, dust, grime and cobwebs, I mean things that are attached to you so that you are unable to move forward. You feel stuck and you don’t know why.

 Things that are attached to you could be: Demons (the fallen), Entities (slightly weaker than Demons), Wayward Spirits (weaker than Entities), Vows and Oaths that you have taken (we keep the ones you want to keep, such as marriage vows and citizenship vows etc.), Curses (Generational Curses and Cast Curses),  Passed On Relative Removal (Relatives are a funny bunch, because since you’re related, they feel they have the complete right to occupy your personal space within your energetic field), Removal Of Psychic Attacks, Removal of Hooks, Removal Of Commitments, Cords, Obligations, Attachments, Removal of Free-Floating Thoughts (we all have certain negative recurring thoughts that need to be annihilated).

This also includes a Spiritual House Clearing of Your Home, your Dwelling. It also needs clearing and healing. It’s made from Spirit just like you and responds just like you.

At the end, we will together fill you and your home with Source’s perspective on how it feels to be safe, loved, peaceful, nurtured, joyful, and light. 

If you would like this service, please e-transfer $144 to druhjaxen@outlook.com
Then call Druh at 780-216-1280 to book the time and date of your ThetaHealing Session or you can purchase this online here.