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ThetaHealing: I have taken Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing from a wonderful lady in Washington, USA, by the name of Asara Love Joy. I brought her up here in 2005 and assisted her with putting together classes for Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing. It was a blast! So many changes happened. So many breakthroughs. It was life changing!

ThetaHealing works on 4 layers of You. Your Core (who you are in this life from birth until now), Genetics (your genes), Your History (your past lives), and Your Soul (we hold beliefs here, too).

Here are some of the ways ThetaHealing can assist you in your life:

House Clearings, Entity Removal, Demon Removal, Wayward Spirit Removal, Passed On Relative Removal, Removal Of Psychic Attacks, Removal Of Oaths, Removal Of Vows, Removal Of Curses, Removal Of Commitments, Cords, Obligations, Attachments, Past Life Readings, Recreating Of Your Broken Heart, Recreate You As A Baby In Your Mother’s Womb, Recreate Your Broken Soul, Healing Of Your Genetics, Healing Of Multiple Personalities, Balance Serotonin & Noradrenalin, Normalize Bipolar Condition, Send Love To ADD & HDD, Command Brain Activated On FASD, Alpha Lipeic Acid Cleanses Liver & Stimulates Brain (works with mitochondria, which is the powerhouse that corrects the energy and replicates the cells), Soften Cancer Cells So They Can Receive Love, Activate Your DNA & Your Dormant DNA, Multiple Sclerosis (wanting to be cared for by others), Fibromyalgia (holding onto resentments), Sexual Abuse (feeling dirty and damaged in your cellular body), Clear Radiation, Visit The Various Planes To Get Their Gifts, Send Unconditional Love To Hypoglycemia And Heal The Defective Genes, Pull Free-Floating Memories, Talk To Your Higher Self, Talk To Your Angels, Physical Healings, Downloads From Source On What It Feels Like To Feel Peace And Love From Source’s Perspective,

There are many more ways ThetaHealing can help you in your life. It heals on a very deep level.

Here are some highlights from some of my clients:

Trouble with Kissing – My client had been sexually abused as a small child, and could only ever kiss her husband on the cheek, but not on the mouth. It was taking a toll on their relationship. We did a session on her sexual abuse experiences and taught her from Source’s perspective what it feels like to be safe to kiss her husband, that it’s possible to, how to, and when to. Well, the next day she emailed me and told me that she had been able to kiss her husband on the lips, and had even given him a small French kiss!

Softened and Shrunk Her Tumor – My client had a football sized tumor in her stomach. She was going in for surgery the next day and was concerned about how big it was, and wanted it decreased. We worked on beliefs about not being able to receive love, not feeling worthy of love, and beliefs along those lines. The next day she called and told me the tumor had gone down by 25% and was much softer to the touch.

Impotence – My client had lost the ability to have an erection. He thought he’d have to have an affair on his wife in order to be able to get his desire back again. We worked on beliefs about not measuring up, about not being good enough, about not being worthy, about not being man enough. He called me a few days later and told me that he had not only been able to get an erection, but was able to hold it for almost 15 minutes, and had been able to please his wife and himself!

House clearing – My client was having trouble with a poltergeist bothering her teenage son at night, pulling on his toes, poking him, and even breaking his stereo cabinet glass door. He was exhausted from not sleeping at night. I performed a healing on the poltergeist so that it could move on to Source. It left quietly – never to be heard from again.

Activated All Her DNA – My client was about 60, a bit hunched over, and walked with the help of a cane. I activated her basic DNA strands and also all her additional DNA strands. The next morning, she looked so much younger, stood straighter, and had even forgotten her cane!

Psychic Attacks – My client had issues with an acquaintance who would always call her or stop in when my client was especially upbeat. After these visits or calls, my client would feel drained for days on end. No energy, completely blah, just energetically depleted. We cut the strong cords this acquaintance had hooked into her, and put a solid circle of protection around her, with mirrors all around her aura which sent back all negativity to the sender. The acquaintance stopped coming around or calling, and my client had her own energy back again.

Curses- My client was Portuguese, and intuitively felt she’d been cursed by her sister and some other family members. Indeed, she had. We pushed the curses through her body, out of her feet, and sent them to Source. We filled her with Source’s healing light and love. We pulled the belief that curses served her. I heard from her a few weeks later, and she felt light and said a heavy burden had been lifted off of her shoulders. The energy between her, her sister, and the other family members was now neutral.



A Theta Healing session is $125 and lasts about 90 minutes. ThetaHealing can be done by phone or in person – depending on what the clients prefers. You can purchase this on line here or Please e-transfer $125.00 to to book your session. Call Druh at 780-216-1280 to book the time and date of your session.